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The library department at Pearkes recreation Centre is being stripped to deal with water damage from closing week’s flood.

Daphne wood, spokeswoman for the more suitable Victoria Public Library, stated all contents of the branch are being eliminated, together with shelves, books, computers and furniture. Books were despatched to storage, while the carpet, drywall and a whole lot of the furnishings, shelves and equipment will probably get replaced.

“we are nevertheless just initially of assessing every little thing,” referred to wood.

The Saanich Centennial department flooded Friday when a water pipe interior concrete burst and water flowed into a utility room serving the endeavor centre.

Water moved to one more room, then right into a library bathroom, the place it filled the house to a depth of a metre.

When a Pearkes worker opened the bathing room door, the water rushed into the library and the main entranceway of the enviornment.

The Saanich Archives was also flooded and forced to close. a number of artifacts were touched with the aid of water, however a Saanich pastime manager observed the majority changed into moved to a space for storing.

wood noted library personnel are seeking any long-time period hurt to the department’s assortment, about 60,000 books.

She observed all books perceived to have escaped contact with the water because the height of cabinets stored them clear, however humidity is at all times a hazard for paper substances. besides the fact that children lovers have been immediately introduced in, some Centennial branch books may additionally now not be usable.

timber referred to activities and bookings on the Saanich Centennial department were cancelled or moved to other branches.

The library system is peculiarly anxious to peer medals awarded to the 800-abnormal young people enrolled in the summer analyzing membership at Saanich Centennial, she talked about.

every year, the library system hosts the summer time reading club, where kids agree to read at the least 20 minutes per day. in the event that they reside on track, they earn a medal. This yr, greater than 8,four hundred young americans signed up systemwide.

“we are really proud of their accomplishment and the summer time analyzing membership is a central piece of what we do,” noted Woods.

“The summer reading membership is terribly essential for the superior Victoria Public Library and we realize it’s very essential for the young americans and their households.”


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