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According to statistics bookshelves that can be used by each group of families

The bookshelf is an appliance that people use to put books. Due to the shape and structure of the bookshelf, there are other names such as bookcases, bookcases, and book covers. The bookshelf is a universal tool in our lives.

The wooden bookcase material consists of a solid group of wood, fascia board, wooden core board, granule board, etc., which is formed by painting or using surface decoration materials to make it soft and soft. The commonly used form of the library is the upright type, and the tilting type L-shaped bookshelf is convenient for the reader to access the books and has different types of specifications.

In order to make full use of the limited collection of books in the limited space, it is a good method to use the solid and durable characteristics of steel materials to provide display books for laminated bookshelves. However, each country has its own specifications for bookshelves. For example, the stacked bookshelves in the United States are 2280mm in height and each layer is divided into 5~7 segments. In European countries such as the United Kingdom, the net height of each floor is 2250mm. The single side of the board has a width of 200 mm and a pillar width of 50 mm.

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