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Introducing the care method of wooden furniture

The rapid development of furniture products, people's demand for high quality, will add the creativity of consumers, so the material of office furniture is diversified, each product has different maintenance methods, and the old and new office furniture is more prominent, people are on furniture The nursing knowledge is still very scarce, such as fabrics, electroplating and sandblasted glass, wood file cabinets need special attention to care, the following one:

Care methods for folding wooden furniture:

The key to the maintenance of wooden furniture is maintenance and cleaning, avoid sharp scratches, and wipe the surface with stubborn stains for stubborn stains. When the file cabinet is placed, please avoid direct sunlight to prevent oxidation of the paint. To prevent damage to the furniture structure, please avoid overloading. Try not to drag when you need to move to avoid damaging the painted surface. Refer to the above points for regular care of the furniture, you can make your furniture last forever.

Nursing methods for folding electroplating and sandblasted glass filing cabinets:

Due to the bright surface of the electroplating and sand blasting products, it is easy to see the fingerprint stains and affect the appearance of the coating on the surface of the product. This kind of furniture can be brightened with a clean dry flannel or towel. For stubborn stains, spray a small amount of Bi Lizhu and dry it at once. The plating product can be used once a month to apply anti-rust oil to extend the service life. For this type of furniture, avoid placing it in a humid, watery environment for long periods of time.

Nursing methods for folding fabric file cabinets:

The fabrics used in furniture are imported fabrics that are dust-proof and anti-fouling. The texture is soft and comfortable. For daily care, wipe off with a clean wet towel. For stubborn stains, it can be sent to the store for cleaning, which can prevent deformation and prolong the service life of the fabric.

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